Retail & Leisure

Purpose built, conversions, and mixed-use commercial zones. Working with retail architects, designers and clients to create beautiful, economic solutions.
Large scale or small scale, crafting your ambitions into reality, providing structural designs for gymnasia, stadia, theatres, bars, clubs and arenas.

Retail development, Scotland
Handrailing at Media City, Manchester
Mellor & Townscliffe Golf club – Club house extension
Symposium Nightclub re-design, Wilmslow
Beaumont Hotel, London WC1
Floodlighting at Halton Stadium, Widnes, Cheshire
Roof top conservatory, Hampstead, London
Retaining wall, Church Wallgate at St Michael's Macclesfield
Spitfire styled play structure, Orbital Shopping Centre, Swindon
Retaining wall structure and riverside bank repairs at Congleton Park