Structural Engineers Stockport


Our in-house chartered structural & civil engineers provide efficient, quick turn-round, cost-effective engineering calculations and drawings to produce neat, easily buildable, solutions.  

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  Residential Property

Commercial, Industrial
& Retail Property

Arts & Heritage,
Leisure & Religious Buildings

Specialist Structures


Whether you are a home buyer looking for a structural engineering report, a home owner wanting to extend your living space into your attic, garage or basement or you’ve won the lottery and want to build

Our clients include local borough and county councils, fabricators and private owners and developers and cover a wide range of schemes.  We have designed many steel portal frames structures

We work closely with architects and specialist designers in the refurbishment of old buildings; the project shown below involved the restoration of a 15th century tower damaged in the English Civil War.

Our clients include fabricators and specialist manufacturers using both common and unusual materials.